Shoe Magic (MGK)

The Shoe Care System That Saves You Money!

For Sports, Leisure and Formal Shoes 


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 Makes leather look great!
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Step into Winter with Shoe MGK and keep your footwear looking great

What does Shoe MGK stand for? Makes Great Kicks

The product was discovered by our good friends in America back in 1992 in Southern California at a time when 'sneaker' lovers needed something magical to keep their kicks clean.

Shoe MGK is a liquid shoe cleaner and conditioner that works on any type of material - Leather, Suede, Nubuck, Fabric, Rubber and more. It'll even clean your leather sofa and car seats! Each bottle of the cleaner/conditioner is enough to clean 80-100 pairs of shoes.

Made of Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil it's totally safe for you and the environment. All of our kits come with a FREE applicator brush. All you do is slightly wet the brush with water, apply a few drops of the Shoe MGK solution, apply the brush to the shoe working up a small lather then wipe off with a dry or damp cloth - you won't believe your eyes! Do the before and after test, clean one shoe then put it next to the dirty one - notice the difference. Visit our gallery and see how Shoe MGK really does work.

Shoe MGK is a regular at the Ideal Home Show in London. Here's a typical story from one of our customers who said he didn't need  to clean his trainers because "I only get cheap ones and throw them away when they're dirty". It's something we hear a lot in shopping centres and shows.  

After chatting to this man we found out that it's true, he does indeed buy the less expensive trainers, and around £20 is his average, so he throws away £20 every month!  We pointed out that if he used Shoe MGK regularly he would be able to make his shoes last a lot longer.  He agreed to take the ONE MINUTE challenge.  Sure enough, his month old trainers looked as good as new in less than a minute. He agreed that they were certainly good for another month. The maths is simple; instead of spending £20 a month on new shoes (that's £240 a year!)  if Shoe MGK could make his trainers last for 6 months instead of 1 he would be saving a whopping £200 a year, and that's just on one pair of inexpensive trainers. Once he saw how well it worked, he bought the Shoe MGK System kit for himself.

Try it for yourself; Shoe MGK can make a grubby looking pair of trainers at least nearly new in less than a minute.

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