About Us


Shoe MGK was developed in Southern California in 1992 when sneaker lovers wanted something to keep their precious foot-ware clean and tidy.

For many years Shawn, the guy who invented the product, travelled far and wide across the USA visiting fairs and shows cleaning trainers and all other kinds of shoes. Shawn soon realised his product was becoming incredibly popular. He now has a vast chain of busy workers all across the United States of America.

Here in the UK, Shoe MGK is still moderately new. We saw the product whilst working for a well known television shopping channel and realised that this was something we HAD to unleash to the UK/European marketplace. So we are now busy telling everyone about the wonders of Shoe MGK, it's amazing cleaning and conditioning power and how it can bring so many of your favourite shoes back to life. We hope you enjoy the product and do please tell your family and friends. Thank you.