Become a Shoe MGK (UK) Partner

Whether you just have a few spare hours a week that you'd like to use for some extra income or you're looking to be your own boss with a full time business we'd love to hear from you.

Shoe MGK is a great product, what's more it's easy to demonstrate and the results speak for themselves. Next time you're out shopping, look around you, what are people wearing on their feet?  Start to look and you'll see lots of trainers, Suede boots, Walking Boots, Canvas baseball style boots and a huge range of other leisure shoes.

If you have kids in the house you'll know how much a pair of branded trainers can cost, imagine doubling the useful life of every pair of trainers.  That's how shoe MGK can save your customers money.  It's quick, easy, safe and won't harm the environment.

What's involved?

Well there are lots of options!  From the party plan to the Shoe MGK weekender programme or full time distributorship or if you already have a shop or business, simply buy Shoe MGK wholesale!

What's the Cost?

There are a number of packages that we are working on, and if one of them isn't quite right for you we'll see if we can work one out just for you.


 Who For?


 DISTRIBUTOR You're looking for a full time profitable business; you live within reach of good retail locations such as shopping malls, markets, show-grounds and regional events. You'll have regional exclusivity and be willing to work full time on your own business. Preferential supply prices and for a limited time regional distributors pay no franchise fee.
 You may already have your own business and want to add Shoe MGK to your product lines.
 Wholesale cost of product.  You decide how much.
 You're looking for a little extra income by working at weekends.  You have experience of work local markets and looking for a good line to sell.  You work only as much as you feel you can.
 Wholesale cost of product.  You decide how much.
 Casual seller. You may have a few friends or neighbours Who you think would like Shoe MGK.  Host a home party, let them try the products and you earn money from the sales.
 Purchase 1 kit, refunded with party order.

We provide sales support, full training and Point Of Sale material and we'll be there to get you started.

However you choose to get involved it all begins with a simple conversation.

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We look forward to hearing from you.