Shoe Care Tips from Shoe MGK

Using Shoe MGK products will help to look after your shoes but there are many other things you can do to help make them last even longer -

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It's amazing how many people report that they put their shoes through the laundry!  There are so many good reasons NOT to do that - Here are just a few of them:

  1. It melts the glue that sticks the upper to the sole.
  2. It saturates the leather causing it to dehydrate when it dries (remember the crispy feel when it dries?) That causes creasing and cracks.
  3. It's very bad for the washing machine!  It's an unbalanced load and strains the drum and wears out the bearings.
  5. Many modern shoes are impregnated with an anti-odour compound which gets washed in the machine.


Now, how do you put this delicately?  Well it's nothing personal but your feet get a bit hot and sweaty in a normal day!  It's not just you, that's true of all of us, that heat and sweat really does affect the shoe, soaking in and saturating the soles and the insides.  Give them a chance to dry out properly and they'll wear out much less quickly.

One of the best ways to make shoes last longer is to rotate them! It takes more time than just a night for all that moisture to dry out of the shoe, but if you give them a full day - they will be almost completely dry.

If you can, simply give each of your shoes at least a day to "rest" after a day of use, ideally they should be left somewhere with good ventilation. They will feel nicer when you put them on, the leather will be properly dry and ready for you again and best of all they will be far less likely to smell!


One of the best ways to make sure your shoes keep their shape and stay comfortable is very simply, easy and pretty much free!  Once a week, or more often if you prefer, when you take your shoes off simply stuff them with an old newspaper or a few rags.  Pack it in tight and leave it!

It's very simple, costs nothing and helps to keep your shoes in good shape, leave the shoes stuffed like that until you're ready to wear them again.